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November 2015

The Big Move

Well, I finally did it. My wife and I had been discussing a move to Florida for a while. She has family in the area and we both have friends that have made the move. Our young son is of an age where he wouldn’t be negatively affected by a big move, and actually seemed excited on the prospect of moving to Florida.

After a particularly frustrating day at work my wife suggested I begin the job search. At first I thought she meant in the Louisville area and was not particularly fond of the idea. Once I had figured out she meant Florida, and made doubly sure she was serious, I began the search. It was late summer and I warned her that I could be employed in Florida by the end of the year.

I’ve been working as a professional developer since 1999. In that time I’ve gained a considerable amount of experience. I’ve worked with well respected Louisville custom development firms such as igNew and Composable Systems, as well as multi-national companies such as Invesco. I’ve worked hard to build an impressive resume and pride myself on being incredibly employable.

I took the family down for a late summer vacation to checkout the area, and for a few interviews. The following week I had 3 offers from 3 different companies from which to choose. Did I say I could be employed by the end of the year, or the end of the month?

I want to hear from you. Anyone have any similar experiences? How have you positioned yourself to be incredibly employable?

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